The Beginning of the End (of the Kingdom or Israel) – Rob Rice

318Today I had the great pleasure of sitting under the preaching of a friend of mine, Rob Rice.

You can listen to Rob’s Sermon here.

Although Rob is not formally trained, he puts many seasoned preachers and seminary students to shame with his clear exposition of the text, and his penetrating explanation of what Christ did for us. Rice’s preaching is powerful because the text he preaches is powerful… and he actually preaches the text.

He demonstrates a mastery of the text, and a clear focus on “stirring your affections for Jesus.” It has been a long time since I have heard this clear of a Gospel presentation. My affections were stirred, and I’m sure yours will be too.

His primary text was Isaiah 53, but he demonstrated concisely that the New Testament not only understands Isaiah, but is dependent on hit. You can see all of his texts here.

Beyond the clear Biblical teaching, he made extensive use of quotations from various figures in Church History including Martin Luther, Augustine of Hippo, and John Owen. He also aptly wove a brilliant sermon illustration from a recent report by the Washington Post.

The only complaint that I have, is that I wanted more.