An Open Letter to the Police Officers of the United States

Dear Police Officers and other Law Enforcement Personnel,

It has been a rough couple of months hasn’t it. Between Ferguson, New York, and the variety of other events that have happened… it’s been rough.

I know you’ve been taking a lot of heat, for some of you, this is completely undeserved. I know that not every cop is out there looking for a black kid to pull over. I know that not every cop is out there looking for a black man to harass. It really isn’t fair that all of you are being characterized as racist, and I am truly sorry.

Beyond that, there is a lot of talk about systemic racism, white privilege, and institutional problems. You are a victim of this as well. I’m not a sociologist, nor am I an anthropologist, so I’m not qualified to speak on the reality of white privilege… but if it is real, it hurts white people too. It means that some people look at you askance because you are white. It means that some people assume things about you because you are white. It isn’t the same as what black people have to deal with, but it isn’t fair either.

Finally, I know that there are bad cops out there. There are cops that don’t do their jobs right, they profile intentionally, and they look for opportunities to hurt people. I am confident that these cowards are in the minority, but unfortunately because of their actions you are painted in a negative light. I know that you are sacrificing your time, energy, and lives in order to protect and to serve. For that, I want to say thank you. I can’t speak for my Christian brothers and sisters, but I know that I appreciate what you do. I believe that you are part of God’s protection and providence, and I pray for you.


Tony Arsenal