Things that Should Have Happened Today… But Didn’t


wpid-wp-1443116851246.jpgToday, before a joint session of congress, Pope Francis made a stunning and bold statement:

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am honored to speak before you in this historic event. Before I begin my address, I have to make an important statement regarding a pressing topic. As you know, the Roman Catholic Church has universally stood against the abortion of infants in the womb. The murder of these innocent babies has gone on for far too long, and recently this legislative body had an opportunity to act justly to put an end to this barbarous practice. However, many members of this body, some of whom are members of my flock, have acted in the contrary. Today I make it known that any Roman Catholic who is of a sufficient age of reason, is aware of the illegality of the act, is aware of the penalty associated, and is not being compelled by some outside force or threat… and who has an abortion or aids in someone else procuring an abortion… will be automatically excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. I have informed all of the bishops in these United States of America that this is a non-negotiable reality, and they face deposition from their various roles should they not follow through on this direction. This includes voting against pro-abortion legislation, or voting against anti-abortion legislation. This includes voting to continue funding to abortion providers, or voting against the defunding of abortion providers. This ongoing infanticide has gone on long enough.

Let it be known that no one in this room, or anyone who hears this address, is unaware of the illegality of these acts, or the penalty associated. This is part of our Canon of Law, as well as the Catechism of the Catholic Church. There is no excuse. There will be no accommodation. The systematic murder of our most vulnerable must stop, and it must stop today.

Amidst audible gasps in the chamber, Pope Francis quietly proceeded with his address regarding income inequality, environmental reform, and other pressing social issues.


3 thoughts on “Things that Should Have Happened Today… But Didn’t

  1. I don’t understand the magisterium, so take this with a grain of salt, but how are statements like this not happening? I mean, it seems like there is no enforcement regarding this issue by the Roman Catholic Church.

    1. The magistarium is the authority of spiritual and moral issues, not the enforcer of. It’s their job to show us the spiritual and moral high ground, it’s the job of local priests and bishops to to guide their perishioners towards it. What Pope Francis is teaching me is that true conversion can’t be legislated, threatened or strong armed. I think the pope’s message to our bishops has been that they are putting the cart before the horse on moral issues. They have put so much time, talent, and energy into legislative issues that they have put on a back burner shepherding their hurting flock. As catholics, we all know where the church stands on hot button topics, but a lot of us have forgotten, or never experienced the joy of the gospel, the freedom in forgiveness and the safety of unconditional love that comes only through Jesus. I think the pope wants the Catholic Church to focus on these things, because if we do, we will see true conversion. If we see true conversion these other things will be mute. Think of what would happen in this country if catholics started voting like catholics? Pope Francis wants us to go back to basics and be the hands and feet of christ. To love radically like Christ did without judgment or a need for explination. As catholics (and especially our bishops) we need to be reminded that we are so much more than our ‘rules’, that when people begin to see the Catholic Church as a place of unconditional love without surface level judgements hearts will convert. There are parts of me that would have loved it if the pope said just what tony wrote. But then I have to remind myself that Jesus didn’t say change your ways and then follow me, he said follow me. …and then he changed their hearts. If we kick people out of the church how will they ever have the chance to convert. The best we can do for those who act/vote so atrociously is to keep the door open, to say follow Jesus, to show them love, and mercy and when they are ready, to bring them back to full communion with the church. I was reading about the conversions of natzi’s back to catholicism during WW2, it wasn’t done through excommunication, it was done through priests, the mass and the prayers of the faithful. That’s all we need.

      1. Chantel,

        Abortion is a grave enough sin that it warrants automatic excommuncation. By letting those in his flock commit this sin without properly informing him of that… he is neglecting his duty. Beyond that, the Catholic Church sees the murder of infants in the womb as a horrible thing. He could have done something that would have had concrete effect, and he didn’t.

        It was pure cowardice.

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