An Open Letter to… You Know What? Nevermind

Mark Driscoll doesn’t listen to anyone. Never has, and I sadly think he never will.

Mark will be the lead speaker at Perry Noble’s (who has the second most ironic last name in Christianity, right behind Creflo Dollar) “The Most Excellent Way to Lead” conference.

It shouldn’t surprise us that Noble’s idea of an excellent leader includes someone who has been demonstrated to engage in plagiarism, misappropriation of Church funds, misappropriation of designated funds, pornographic visionary experiences, and who was convicted by his own elder board of disqualifying traits. Beyond that, Driscoll and Mars Hill under his leadership was kicked out of Acts29… which he founded, and has never publicly repented in a way that didn’t paint him as the victim (In one instance, calling himself the struck shepherd of Zechariah 13, in another saying his Elders were participating in a deceptive trap).

Mark Driscoll doesn’t belong anywhere, except under the disciplinary supervision of a local church.

If you’re Reformed and reading this, I know Mark was one of us. He had an impact on a lot of us, myself included. Please, I know this is going to make you mad, but for Mark’s sake, we need to call him to account and stop pretending like everything is fine. It isn’t fine.

5 thoughts on “An Open Letter to… You Know What? Nevermind

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    Among my circle of friends, Tony Arsenal was one of the earliest ones to begin voicing concern about the direction Driscoll might have been heading. He got a massive amount of crap for it, but eventually (and unfortunately) his concerns about Driscoll came to pass. However, I don’t think anyone, even Driscoll’s most vocal critics, saw this one coming…

  2. This reads with a nasty, un-Christ-like tone. If you have some personal experience with him that you need to work through, do it privately. Don’t use the internet to simultaneously proclaim the name of Christ while tearing down others who were made in His image, please!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m going to have to disagree with you on this. Mark is causing scandal in the Church by thrusting himself back into ministry when he has not been properly disciplined or restored. He literally left thousands of people is spiritual ruin, and hasn’t been disciplined.

      You forget that the “two or three gathered, there I am” passage is in the context of discipline.

      Mark wants us to forgot his offenses, and it does no good to allow that to happen. I have not stated anything here that is untrue.

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