Right On Track – Mark Driscoll Update

Yesterday, it was reported that Mark Driscoll has applied to incorporate a new entity called the Trinity Church in Phoenix. As I have said for a long time, “Pastor” Mark Driscoll never intended to take time away from being a pastor, never stopped thinking of himself as a pastor, and was immediately working toward starting a new congregation.

The revelation of these incorporation papers puts him right on track for an announcement at the Most Excellent Way to Lead conference that he will be teaching at in March.

Below is the unsurprised look on my face when I heard the news.unnamed

One thought on “Right On Track – Mark Driscoll Update

  1. I am not surprised either since with him and many others like him it is more the cult of personality than any real Scriptural teaching!

    I love the expression on your face – it speaks volumes on the state of the evangelical church.

    Theology Matters!

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