An Open Letter to Kevin and Chris

Dear Kevin Labby and Chris Rosebrough,

Back in September I caught wind of something going on with Tullian that frustrated me. After a few exchanges, and a bit more information, I apologized for speaking rashly and asked for your forgiveness. I expressed concerns that I thought it was unwise for Tullian to be involved in ministry, and Kevin gave us all assurances that Tullian would not be involved in a teaching capacity.

Because I acted rashly last time, I want to take a more inquisitive approach…

It came to my attention tonight that Tomorrow and Saturday, Tullian is going to be teaching a group of pastors and the staff at Spring Hills Community Church.

Is this something you are aware of Kevin? We’re less than a year out from Tullian’s resignation, deposition, and divorce. Are you aware that he is teaching at a church? Are you aware that this appears to many of us that Tullian is starting a trajectory which will bring him right back into a teaching capacity?

I can’t help but be a little frustrated. I have, since our reconciliation, defended Tullian to people who have compared him to Mark Driscoll. I commented that Tullian was staying out of the limelight, that he was avoiding teaching functions. I can no longer do that.

Chris, I have heard reports that Tullian was part of a panel discussion that you participated in at the most recent Christ Holds Fast conference. I withheld my comments and thoughts because I could not verify this to be the case. Did he participate in this panel discussion? Was he the secret unnamed special guest?

This leaves me with a few specific questions that answering would do wonders in reassuring us that this is not the beginning of Tullian’s move back toward ministry, to reassure us that he is not going the route Driscoll has in restoring himself back to ministry.

  1. How is Tullian’s teaching engagement this weekend different than the role of an Elder? I recognize that he is not presiding over a solemn assembly or administering the sacraments, but how is this not a man who has been deposed teaching?
  2. How will Tullian’s presentation be different than it would have been prior to his deposition? The description on the Spring Hills website makes this look as though this is just a continuation of his teaching engagements following One Way Love.
  3. With a topic like “Gospel Centered Ministry and Q&A with Tullian Tchividjian” how are we to not see this as a deposed minister teaching ministers how to minister?

I’m trying hard not to jump to conclusions here, so please help me out.