A Calvinst Prayer for Zach Hunt

Recently, Zach Hunt posted an article in which he expresses his disdain and disgust for the Calvinist model of Divine Agency. He makes the strong statement that this model is “blasphemy against the Spirit disguised as systematic theology” and that the reason it is a “portrayal of God as a serial child rapist, unabashed murderer, unspeakable abuser, and creator of unimaginable evil.” I shudder to think about the consequences for Zach if he is wrong.

I was not aware that Zach had been diagnosed with cancer or that he was undergoing treatment. Zach has demonstrated in the past, in the very article he links in his current post, that he doesn’t really understand the Reformed view on divine agency and sovereignty. Theological sword crossing aside, I want to offer a Calvinistic prayer on his behalf, in the way that only a Calvinist can. You see, I think that Zach’s cancer falls within the scope of God’s sovereignty. Zach does not. I think that God could stop Zach from getting cancer and chose not to, Zach cannot consistently maintain that point, and even though he claims “Jesus heals the sick; he doesn’t bring about their illness,” and “Jesus restores a broken creation; he doesn’t further cripple it through disease, suffering, and pain,” the fact of the matter is that a God who could restore a broken creation, including the cancer which is ravaging Zach’s body, could certainly have prevented it from being broken in the first place. Zach has unfortunately posited a God who he thinks can heal, while at the same time undercutting that very God by implicitly claiming that he had no part in how things unfolded in Zach’s life.

So I offer this prayer, and encourage my Reformed brothers and sisters to join me.

Sovereign Lord of the universe, our great heavenly Father and God, we know that you are the Lord almighty, and you do whatever you please. Nothing happens apart from your plan, and thus we trust that everything has its purpose. This does not make it any easier to accept suffering, but it does comfort us to know that we do not suffer in vain.

I pray that you would regenerate Zach, change his heart, and forgive him for shaking his fist at you in anger. We pray that he would turn from his sin, and that you would relent from the discipline and chastisement that you have laid upon him, for we know that the chastisement of your people was laid upon Christ instead.

Heavenly Father, we believe your word which tells us that Christ’s wounds heal us. They genuinely and really heal us. And when he rose, he rose with healing in his wings. If it is your will, please bring that healing upon Zach. Restore his body to health, and destroy the cancer which you permitted to grow.

Please comfort his wife and other family members as they struggle with what this means. Help the false theology which he has propagated to not lead them astray, and bring good and godly men into their lives who can show them true Christian love by preaching the Gospel of your Son to them.

Finally, help us all to be compassionate to those around us who are suffering.

Father, we know you are good, glorious, and can accomplish all things you desire. We trust you for our salvation, and we trust that you always do what is right, even when we think it is wrong.

In the name of the risen Lord, Jesus Christ, and by the power of your most Holy Spirit.