Slander, Accusation, and Truth

Alright everyone, lets take a step into the personal world of Tony Arsenal here for a moment.

I want to first say, that I was hesitant to make this post, but at the behest of several men who have been involved in this issue I am acquiescing to their judgement. In the relatively recent past, it has become vogue in some circles to accuse me of Tritheistic Heresy. This stems from some concerns I have regarding the language of the Athanasian Creed that I have voiced (I will address and explore that in another post at a future date). For now, I will simply say that I fully affirm the substance of the Nicene Creed, and insofar as the Athanasian Creed affirms the same substance, I also affirm the substance of the Athanasian Creed. That substance is that there is one God, the Father, who with his Son (who is also the one God) and Spirit (who is also the one God) is to be worshiped and glorified. These three are distinct in person (hypostasis), but share a single and simple nature (ousia).

That said, I have made repeated efforts to reach out to these men who have made these accusations, usually to be met with silence. I am also well aware that they frequently speak about this to each other, behind my back.

These accusations are 100% false, and have been demonstrated to be false in a variety of forums. Several people who originally believed the accusations, after in-depth conversations, have acknowledged that although they disagree with particular ways I phrase things, that my trinitarian theology is orthodox.

On October 24th, 2016, after having privately called me “Tritheist Tony” to another member of the Reformed Pub Admin team, I sent the following message to Christopher Klinger.


I will continue to add screen shots of these conversations as they occur. As is abundantly clear, I desire nothing but reconciliation with these men who have slandered me with false allegations of heresy. I have attempted to resolve this by offering to discuss this both privately and publicly.

10 thoughts on “Slander, Accusation, and Truth

    1. Christopher, there were indeed, and most people were satisfied.

      Jason participated in a private conversation, which is why his name has not appeared on this post.

      You however have refused to do so.

      1. If you haven’t modified or changed your view since then I don’t see anything more to discuss. If you wish to pontificate on the nature of the Trinity I suggest you get ordained and do so as a teaching elder, until that time you should probably just leave ministry to your wife.

      2. Christopher, it is unfortunate that you have opted to demonstrate exactly what kind of person you are here.

        You don’t understand my views on the Trinity, and that is evinced by the fact that despite explicitly affirming that I hold to the substance of both the Nicene Creed and Athanasian Creed, that you still persist in insisting that I do not.

  1. Very peculiar, indeed. FWIW, I’ve long considered you a solid Evangelical/Calvinist theologian whom I hold in high regard and whose arguments I respect. Even though I am personally unconvinced of some of the particulars of the Calvinist system of theology, I know there’s no real disagreement in the basics of theology proper like this.

    I do look forward to reading what you might have to say about your Trinitarian views that others mistake for tritheism. I vaguely recall there being an East/West distinction in emphasis that occasionally dredges up that sort of accusation, but again, I’ll look forward to what you have to say on the matter.

    God bless, Tony; reconciliation is a pain in the neck sometimes.

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