All the benefits of salvation flow from the infallible certainty of God’s foreknowledge

Here the ascent backward from link to link ceases: calling — purpose — foreknowledge, and the descent begins from foreknowledge. The foreknowledge was such that a predestinating to the form of son resulted: “Those whom He has known beforehand, He has also ordained beforehand to be conformed to the image of His Son, in order that He might be the firstborn among many brothers.” Hereby the sense of “foreknowledge” is already decided in principle. It is something like what a father feels toward his son, his future son. It is a knowing of love. Since behind God’s purpose such a fatherly love functioned with respect to the elect, it ordained the form of son for all those who were the object of its free choice. Given the fatherly and free character of this love, it is absolutely excluded for the apostle that this fatherly love can be blocked by anything in the realization of its being decreed. With divine certainty and with irresistible power this love aims at its highest goal, the complete glorification of the children in the image of likeness to Christ. It must carry through step by step in its working: “Those whom He knew, those He also called; those whom He called, those He also justified; those whom He justified, those He also glorified.” That is the sense of the sequence. Everything follows with infallible certainty from the unique character of the foreknowledge of God. – Geerhardus Vos, Reformed Dogmatics Vol 1, 101-102