Review of “Rediscovering the Holy Spirit” by Michael Horton (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2017)

When I heard that Michael Horton was publishing a book-length treatment of Pneumatology, I did a little happy dance. This is a subject that is so often neglected, that it is to the shame and detriment of the Church. This book, however, is an absolute game changer. I say with absolute confidence that this book [...]

38.The Dispensation of Confusion Jesse and Tony bite off more than they can chew as they try to tackle dispensationalism Resources Theology Simply Profound - Dispensationalism (Part 1 of 13) Pentecost, J Dwight. 1964. Things to Come. Grand Rapids: Zondervan. Riddlebarger, Kim. 2013. A Case for Amillennialism. Expanded Edition. Grand Rapids: Baker. Storms, Sam. 2013. Kingdom Come. Ross-shire: [...]

35.Testator Criticism Jesse and Tony tackle Covenant Theology in this month's Systematic Theology episode. They discuss the Covenants of Redemption, Works, and Grace, and how God's promise to his Son and Spirit in eternity past makes our salvation secure. Resources Episode 14 - Your Least Heretical Life Now Episode 22 - Limited Atonement... Unlimited Awesome Episode [...]

William Lane Craig – (Neo) Apollinarianism (5)

According to nominalism, “being” – that which is common or universal in any given category – is no more than a “name,” a concept or term. Accordingly, the doctrine of the Trinity in this philosophy leads to tritheism. Excessive realism, on the other hand, associates the word “essence” with some subsistent thing that stands behind [...]