Review of “Practicing the Power” by Sam Storms (Grand Raids: Zondervan, 2017)

Having come from a general evangelical background into Reformed thought, I had the same kind of hangover that most do. I was dispensational and charismatic… two things I was being told were unacceptable for a Reformed man. It was Sam Storms’ book Kingdom Come which helped me to see the logic of Amillennialism. My move [...]

31.Second Degree Strange Fire

What's the deal with Good Friday? Is it obligatory? Should Christians observe it? Jesse and Tony discuss Good Friday, legalism, antinomianism, and how Easter is perfect for legalists.    

William Lane Craig – Unitarianism (4)

According to nominalism, “being” – that which is common or universal in any given category – is no more than a “name,” a concept or term. Accordingly, the doctrine of the Trinity in this philosophy leads to tritheism. Excessive realism, on the other hand, associates the word “essence” with some subsistent thing that stands behind [...]

30.Insert Scripture Related Pun

Scripture is inspired by God, and because God cannot lie it is infallible in all it affirms. Since nothing can stop him from accomplishing is will, it is sufficient and perspicuous for the salvation of God's elect. In this episode, Jesse and Tony continue the Systematic Theology sessions. Rooting the perfections in Scripture in the [...]

29.The Preparation Driven Life

What does it mean to get ready for worship? Why should we prepare ourselves in advance of the Lord's Day? Jesse and Tony discuss the importance and reasoning behind preparation for worship in this episode. Resources Episode 153 - Reformed Pubcast

Review of “Evangelical, Sacramental, & Pentecostal” by Gordon Smith (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2017)

What are the true marks of the Church? The Reformers, broadly speaking, argued for three basic marks. The Gospel would be preached, the sacraments would be properly administered, and church discipline would be justly executed. In the recently published Evangelical, Sacramental, & Pentecostal, by Gordon Smith, we see an argument for three different marks. These [...]

27.The Gift of Podcasting

What are the gifts of the Spirit? Who has them? Are they still in operation? Why does Tony hate John MacArthur? In this episode, Jesse and Tony discuss the ordinary and charismatic gifts, continuationism vs cessationism, and the sufficiency of Scripture. Resources The Holy Spirit (Contours of Christian Theology) – Sinclair Ferguson Where Have [...]