33.The Other Nate Episode (feat. Nate Pickowicz)

https://assets.pippa.io/shows/5912500a63b65b6d27abf525/1494445877813-1a8de1e3004daceebc645887b702458b.mp3 Jesse and Tony are joined this week by Nate Pickowicz, author of Reviving New England and editor of the new American Puritan Series. He recently released the first entry by John Cotton, Christ the Fountain of Life. Reviving New England Christ the Fountain of Life Harvest Bible Church Gilmanton Quinta Press

Augustine and Divine Processions

This year, as part of my devotional studies, I am working my way through Augustine's magisterial volume On the Trinity.[1] I am hoping to provide some reflection and analysis here as I work through it. Today, I was reading 2.1.4 and 2.1.5 today (99-100) and came upon something I think is a very fruitful discussion. Augustine, toward the beginning of [...]