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God is not diffused throughout creation as though he is partly here and partly there, but rather he is completely here, and completely there at the same time and with no loss to himself. – Louis Berkhof, Systematic Theology, 60–61

It sounds simple enough to assent to the fact that God is everywhere, but what does that mean? Is God stretched out over creation so that those in Asia are experiencing a different “part” of God than those in North America? Is God simply taking up all the “empty” space in His universe? I’ll attempt to answer those questions and go into a little more depth on the topic of Divine Immensity, or Omnipresence.

First of all, God is a simple being. Meaning that He is not composed of parts. Wherever God is present, all of God is present. Not in His totality (as if He could be contained to a certain area) but in His “is-ness.” His state of being that is totally and unequivocally God. God is no “more” or “less” present in any one location compared to any other location.

God is incorporeal, meaning that He does not have a body. When I am sitting in my car, all of me is contained within the confines of my car, and there is nothing that makes up me that is outside of the car. With God, this is not so, because God is most pure spirit, and is not confined by anything. God does not take up space as we do, it is not as if God has the same type of existence as we do, only that He is infinitely bigger or more stretched out than we are. He exists in a completely different way than we do.

Usually, when speaking of God’s Immensity, we qualify it in 2 different ways: intensive and extensive.


God is present, in all the quality of His eternal being, down to the most minute and finite parts of who you are. There are no secrets before the Almighty, the notion of privacy is a fiction when we are talking about God. He knows you better than you do, and He sustains you down to the smallest fraction of your being, down to even more finite measurements than any quantum calculations have dreamt of. Our God is not only infinitely large, He goes down to the infinitely small, always sustaining all things.


God is present, in all the quality of His eternal being, far beyond the vastest reaches of the universe, and farther than man can imagine. From the churning depths of the Pillars of Creation to the countless nuclear explosions and fissions within imploding and expanding stars and supernovas, to the invisible, mysterious, consuming existence at the center of a black hole, God is wholly and completely there, ordering all things and sustaining all things. (Colossians 1:17)

He is no less at the center of your being that He is at the center of a supermassive black hole, and He sustains the prior no more so than the latter.

It should go without saying that He is and will be present in Heaven, with the radiance of His manifest love and pleasure shining down on all those who are in Christ, but the converse of that means that God also is present in His fullness in Hell, forever sustaining the eternally damned so that His manifest wrath and holy anger can be justly poured out on all those who are not in Christ.

So nothing, not even death, can separate anyone from the sustaining presence of God. This does not mean that we should celebrate death (even though it is through death we experience the manifest fullness of unity with Christ). Death is still a terrible thing that stands as a reminder before us of the consequences of sin and rebellion before a holy, eternal, and immense God.